Apr 22, 2007

Return to Kekek Quarry

Wildfilms, joined by other volunteers dropped by Kekek Quarry today. We were already on Pulau Ubin and thought we should have a quick look before the quarry is re-opened. After tucking into the special lontong served at Pak Ali's shop (served only on Sundays, and in very limited quantities--we ate the last of it), we headed out to the quarry.

The tranquil quarry was stunning as usual, under brilliant blue skies.

With the burbling calls of the Straw-headed bulbul echoing around us, we spotted grey herons fishing. In the cool blue waters, chromides swam and a lone red-eared terrapin paddled about. A group of cyclists stopped by to take photos as well. More photos of wildlife at Kekek shared by MPhil on the focus ubin forum

On the way home, it got particularly stinky near the jetty. We soon discovered the stench came from a VERY large dead fish that had drifted to shore with the incoming tide. Photo of JUST HOW BIG it was and its possible identity on the Budak blog. Sijie and Budak are so brave to get close enough to take photos of it!

More updates on the re-opening of Kekek Quarry on the Pulau Ubin Stories blog.

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