Apr 6, 2007

Wildfilms has moved!

Well actually, just the blog.

This is the new blog that has been set up. But the old one will remain where it is.

Why a new blog? Mainly, I wanted to make some changes. It was just too scary to do it to the old blog which has so many wonderful entries and stories. I didn't want to risk messing it up. It was just a lot easier to start a new one.

Also, there's some missing photos and other problems with the old blog because it was hosted on a server that died. I didn't do enough backup to get it fully restored. Having the blog on blogspot will hopefully avoid this problem. I just didn't know how to transfer the old one.

The two common features in the above excuses, is of course that I'm just dead lazy :-)

Really sorry about any inconvenience caused.

The misadventures continue on this new blog!

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