May 5, 2007

Wildfilms in the news!

A while back, Alvin and Chay Hoon were interviewed as part of the New Paper's feature on Dr Chua Ee Kiam's new book about our shores "Singapore's Splendours: Life on the Edge".

They shared some of the joys and tribulations of wildfilms trips ...

Work so risky they quickly signed wills
Nature lovers brave lightning, insect and animal bites
to document shoreline treasures
By Teh Jen Lee
The Electric New Paper 24 Apr 07


mantabuster said...

You people are really stupid idiots!

mantabuster said...

Prepare to die and don't talk cock and tell the world how big deal were those chidish films!

mantabuster said...

Tell that idiot mantamola (Samson) to watch out for 3,000 fishermen!

ria said...

Yes, it does seem a bit foolish to care so much about our shores that we would dedicate so much of our time, energy and resources into learning and raising awareness about them.

I believe fishermen care just as deeply about our shores.

If we can all work together, I'm sure we can do good things for the shores that we all care about.