Jun 18, 2007

changi in a collage

Changi never fails to amaze, even for those who frequent the place. The place was near overcrowded with crabs of all sorts and fishes mingling around. There were hermit crabs the size of your palm. There were volute shells bigger than your palm. We stumbled across a swarm of schooling catfish. We disturbed sole central and at least 3 solefish upped and left as we muddied the water. Bigger crabs were having a field day trying to catch smaller hermit crabs for a quick snack. Seapens stuck out of the sand like beacons. Rabbitfish pranced around and pipe fish, like dragons, raised their long slender heads above the forest of algae. For first timer to Changi on a Wildfilms trip, Liana tries to sum it up with a collage in a microcosmos:

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