Jun 8, 2007

morning packed full of seaside fun!

The Naked Hermit Crabs strike again!

See us all full of energy despite meeting at a nearly unearthly hour at harborfront and having the Sentosa gateway ticketboy ask us "Where are you going to?" (Sentosa lah DUH. Maybe he's got stupoks too), thanks to coffee and lots of sugar.

And away we go! The two pronged attack consisted of Ron and a few others bringing the family along the Adventure trail while the rest of us became hunter-seekers at the family trail site to hunt for interesting critters.

As usual i went straight for the teeny weeny stuff first like pretty shells:

And one of them turned out to be inhabited. I guess this (non-naked) hermit crab didn't like having its home turned upside down and wasted no time righting it back up.

As it was light, most of my pictures turned out over exposed due to the water reflection. But here were a few of the better ones:

Polychaete worms:

I found these guys nestled in a ball of 4... maybe they were doing embarresing stuff?

Pretty (unusual) anemone:

Then there are the usual soft and hard corals that had the visitors oooh-ahhhing:

Here are some closeup of the coral polyps:

Then there were all these pretty colonial polyps - im not too sure if they are hydroids or anemones, but they sure look pretty!

Up close and personal:

Then there were the big egg crabs that looked menacing enough to nip off your finger if you got too near!

The star find however were these nudibranchs. These i know are glossodorids:

Anyone know what this is?

By the time were were done it was 10ish and the tide was already rising. Happy visitors and guides all take a pic!

Ron, to our amusement, compared the resident Tongkat Ali tree (circled red) to his own "Tongkat Ron" walking stick graced with the Naked Hermit Crabs logo

The ''Tongkat Ron' seems like a successful conversational ice-breaker to get some pics with the ladies!

And its over! A job well done, and debrief for the day. "Maybe we could get more coffeeezzzzzzz..."

For more naked goings-on see the naked hermit crab blog


CyN said...
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CyN said...

Ah... Chay Hoon may know what that tenacles-like nudibranch is... we found that during our dives in Dayang..

kungfubunny said...

someone said its probably phyllodesmium
velly nice indeed.

Wai said...

Hey guys, just got to Florida and missing you all already. One thing that I won't miss but has managed to dog me all the way here are the sandflies!!! Clouds and clouds of them... eeks.

ria said...

We miss you too Wai!

But you can keep the sandflies :-)

Ahh...perhaps that's where they've all gone to. We hardly have them nowadays, even at Changi.

We're going to Changi tomorrow, actually, in a few hours time.

Bernie's back! And she'll be with us at Changi.

YC said...

hey Wai! I bet Florida's still great, regardless the sandflies! Ya'd probly have mole crabs there too right? gotta check em out, the cute lil buggers they are!

whatafish said...

Hopeless fatties!