Aug 15, 2007

Sentosa reclamation update

This morning I decided to check out the Sentosa shore affected by reclamation for the Integrated Resort.

Work seems to be focused on the corner just under the cable car tower.
A big barge seems to be parked there, with lots of heavy trucks transporting stuff to and fro.This stretch of branching corals was still there.
As were the long Tape seagrasses, and some hard corals.

The stretch of seagrasses towards Underwater World, however, seems to have suffered from siltation and encrusting growth.Surprisingly, the large Giant anemone was still there!And so were the resident anemone shrimps, and the tiny little clown anemonefish!

The work elsewhere at the Resort site is massive.
Everything there has been stripped down to bare ground and then some.
A big hole is being dug in the centre of the site.
More of the rest of the vast worksite.

Sentosa still has many natural attractions. Developed over millions of years, costing us nothing to appreciate. Asking for nothing but respect and love.

Alas, it seems the trend is to replace our natural heritage with artificial attractions. You can enjoy the view from the Merlion for $8/adult, $5/child.

Or for free, these plastic animals.and other strange things I don't quite understand.

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