Dec 22, 2007

Singapore port expansion: impact on Labrador Nature Reserve?

Singapore to spend $2b on port expansion
When completed by 2013, it will increase annual capacity by over 50 per cent.
Bryan Lee, Straits Times 21 Dec 07;

"The Government has also taken extra steps to minimise the ecological impact of the project.

It has spent more than $20 million engaging experts to conduct studies on how the port expansion may affect corals around Labrador Park and has even moved some that would have been hit by the project."

Full report on wildsingapore news

Does the $20million include cleaning up the construction debris around the worksite of the cofferdam on Labrador?

Is this the kind of "extra steps to minimise the ecological impact of the project" that we can expect?

Will it be the end of Labrador?
Or the expansion could be taken as an opportunity to show how Singapore can develop port facilities without damaging the enviroment. Such know-how can be applied to other locations around the world, where coasts are increasingly under pressure from climate change, rising sea levels and other impacts of coastal development.

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