Jan 23, 2008

Changi: a shore for the whole family!

Despite the gloomy day, there was a whole bunch of excited kids on Changi!
November and I were on Changi today with her colleague Luke. We were there to join Joseph Lai who had brought a bunch of really precocious kids from the Homeschool Families group. Christopher and the intrepid film crew from Channel 8 who were with us at Chek Jawa yesterday, were back to film Joe as part of a TV series on environmentalists. Eugene from the Little Red Dot was also there to do a story on the event. July from the NIE Green Club was also helping out with the trip.
The kids were really curious and attentive. Asking questions and even taking notes! Wow! The kids were really well informed and could tell us stories such as why plastic is bad for sea turtles.
Uncle Joe shares all kinds of interesting sea shore stories to laughter and joy.

There's something on the shore for everyone, even the littlest child.
It was really heart-warming to see the whole family learning and exploring together.Even though the tide was coming in, the families were still enthusiastically exploring!
After that, looking at some of the marvellous finds of the day. I didn't get a chance to take any creature photos and am relying on July to post something on this :-) Among the stuff we saw were sand dollars, sea stars, sea urchin skeletons, pink sea cucumbers, sea hares and their eggs, a sponge crab, dead horseshoe crabs, lots of crabs and hermit crabs. And of course, lots of seagrasses.
As the sun set, we take a happy group photo of everyone.
What a lively bunch of kids! And as we were taking photos of them, one of them was taking a photo of us!!

It's such a joy to see families and kids enjoying our shores.

After this field trip by Joseph Lai, the kids will be going for November's workshop on blogging for nature, specially conducted together with July and the NIE Green Club.

The event is part of the International Year of the Reef celebrations.

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