Feb 25, 2008

"Once Upon a Tree" episode 2 on 26 Feb (Tue)

From the arts central website, here's the write up on episode 2.

"The Following is a Note From the Director: Episode II is a historical piece. History is not difficult to tell. The information is there, all 600 years of it, beginning circa 1400, I believe. All I needed was someone with a deep voice to voice it. Somewhere along the way, I discovered history of a different kind, history that has no documentation. My advice? Take as many photos as you can of this island. Assign all you can to memory. Not everything remains. Shawn? Of course! Our host was ever the professional..ever since the first season.."

But I believe episode 2 will feature Chek Jawa!

As well as Zaki Jalil, one of the first to volunteer as a Chek Jawa guide after deferment of reclamation. Here's a very old write up on Zaki on wildsingapore.

Together with his irrepressible wife Faridah, Zaki introduced many visitors to Chek Jawa before he got swallowed up by work.

He's now teaching at Cedar Primary and has a wonderful site about all the nature work that he's doing with the kids. It even includes an online magazine for his kids called P5 Times. WOW!

Can't wait to hear about the next episode!

Time: 9.30pm Arts Central
Website: http://artscentral.mediacorptv.sg/

For those who missed it, there's a superbly detailed review of the episode, almost instantly uploaded on the ashira blog. Thanks Jun!

Also a mention of the episode and more about the noble volute on the creatures big and small blog

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