Feb 18, 2008

wildfilms contributes to Arts Central's "Once Upon a Tree Part 2"

"After a successful first series exploring our natural heritage and learning the importance of forest trees and their intrinsic values, Once Upon a Tree returns to the screen again, this time turning its attention to our waters.

The Sea is a proverbial window to the rest of the world. It was also what brought commerce, stories, culture and life to our island. Its this theme of "together-ness" that will be our main focal point in the first episode.

What similarities does a research doctor have in common with a retiree? Host Dr. Shawn Lum finds out. Shawn also explores the abundant marine life found along our financial hub and speaks to an engineer behind the Marina Barrage. A construction that will affect both humans and the inhabitants of the water.

Co-host Sue-Lyn is off to investigate the inter-tidal habitats of Kusu Island with guest expert Yu-Chen. What will they find in the muddy waters? Find out in Once Upon a Tree - Tides & Coastlines."

Time: 9.30pm Arts Central
Website: http://artscentral.mediacorptv.sg/

Wildfilms crew are contributing to the above series! And some wildfilms footage will be used too.

And our very own YC is featured in the first episode!
Here he is on Chek Jawa as we celebrated Christmas 2007 with Kok Sheng's team of volunteers doing the Chek Jawa project.

This is quite fitting as YC is the one responsible for getting me started on exploring other shores. We can thus squarely blame him for wildfilms' existence. More about this here.

With this contribution, wildfilms can take a little break. What was supposed to be a little two-year project stretched for more than twice as long!

It's been an exciting experience, I must say. It was an unparalleled opportunity to work with an extraordinary bunch of people. Together, we've explored amazing places and shared wonderful sights. Thanks for the fishes (and slugs) and let's enjoy the upcoming series!

What did people think of it?
See Jun's super instantly-posted review on her Ashira blog


Monkey said...

yay! pop out the bubblies :)
it'd have been cooler if it was called once upon a tide though :(

SJ said...

I totally agree in regard to the name. From what I gathered is that 'Once upon a Tide' was the idea of the production team but was rejected. Oh well, as long as the message is in the documentary, I guess it's cool.

JC said...

Congrats on a job well done. Many will be appreciate the little Nature we have in SG. Thumbs up for the team!

Liana said...

"once upon a tide" is definitely catchier! the wildfilms footage used was very fitting and professional, yc was also very awesome :D can start a fan club already!

ria said...

Oh wow! Thanks for the supportive comments everyone!

And Liana, good to hear it turned out well. (I don't watch TV, haven't got cable or free-to-air, I'm a cave woman).

Kevin has also kindly taped the episode so those of us who missed it can have a look at it.

Yeah, it's time to start the YC Fan Club :-)

Now if someone would kindly do a review of the episode, that would be fantastic...hint hint.

ria said...

Ooo, Jun just posted a review on her Ashira blog! Thank you!


Hi Ria,

It has been an exciting experience for me too! Thanks for inviting me to be part of the team.

I have learned a lots about our shores and had a great time with the crews!

Looking at the footages brings back memories of us hiding from "Mum", getting all the ever itcy Mr S fly's bites and times spent at base camp where we trial and error our DIY equipments...etc.

Yes, let's enjoy the series. :o)

budak said...

I liked the segments with Beverly and YC, although shame the tide didn't permit further walking out at Kusu.

It sounds like they couldn't quite say it out though, that the Marina Barrage spells doom for all the marine life in the bay and river.