May 19, 2007

Wildfilms First Sampler!

Wildfilms proudly presents our first sampler.....

"Singapore Surprise!"

Discover a surprisingly rich shore life of Singapore.
Don't need to swim!
Don't need to dive!

Starring the Fishes, Nudibranch, Flatworms and many more.

Rated PG.

Just hit the "Play" button on the YouTube box.


Monkey said...

This is most excellent! GREAT JOB!
The long awaited preview is finally here! Omg this was excellent. I loved it! MORE MORE MORE! :)

I feel like the star wars fan who waited decades for the prequel :P WOOHOO! GREAT JOB!

Monkey said...

did i mention the use of music was PERFECT! haha gave me a few good laughs :) absolutely enjoyable. 4 thumbs up!! And in the classic style of ebay - A++++++++ haha :)

ria said...

All thanks to Alvin!

I love the wacky music too. Cracked me up the first time I saw it.

Lim Swee said...

Wow... WELL DONE! I enjoy watching the video very much. Looking forward to the complete work.