May 25, 2007

Sentosa's Treasure Island of Coral

Jen Lee came with us to see the Sentosa shores for herself and has written an article about it in the New Paper "Sentosa's Treasure Island of Coral", 24 May 07.

Here she is with YuChen examining a large soft coral on the eastern side of the cable car tower. During that trip, Yuchen also found a seahorse (wonder why the photo wasn't published).

According to Jen Lee's article "Mr Michael Chin, RWS senior director for projects, said the EIA indicates that there are areas that may have corals worth transplanting. He said: 'We are waiting for the authorities' input. We have every intention to be an active conservationist. If the experts concur that we should save the corals, we will.'"

We're glad to hear this. Thank you Jen Lee!

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JC said...

Great work guys.

Finally some "good" news from all the gloom. Let's hope the so called "expert" gave some really good opinion and recommendation.