Jul 14, 2007

Base Camp refugees

Base camp has some new refugees.
No, it's not William and his family. Who are very nice by the way and would be fine to have at Base Camp. But they have their own home.

It's their cats!

One of their neighbours have complained about their cats and they are under pressure by the Town Council, who doesn't want them to let their cats wander outside their HDB home; and HDB, who doesn't allow them to keep their cats inside their home.


The alternatives are certain death for the cats. So, since wildfilms NEVER use the room I've nicely set up for them to overnight in, the spare room has been turned into a little refugee centre. Until William can sort things out, or their neighbours forget about the cats and the cats can go back home.

Patch came first and immediately decided the litter tray would be his bed. I can see there will be some problems in the days ahead...
A few hours later, William and entire family turned up with wire meshing to secure the windows so they can be left open and cats get fresh air in the bedroom. Patch checks the meshing out.
They arrived with the other cats. The pretty and delicate Butterfly.
The haughty Mimi who hates all cats and only talks to people. (Makes sense, she looks like she has Siamese blood).
And veteran Ginger who is apparently well versed with the undersides of all vehicles in the vicinity of his home.
Let's hope there's a happy ending for these cats. Alas, their story is repeated endlessly throughout Singapore.

PS. The existing resident cats are none too pleased with the whiff of company.


Wai said...

Awwww....new cats at basecamp! And all these wonderful adventures! Missing everyone, and looking forward to reading more! :)

ria said...

We really miss you too Wai!

The cats are real darlings. Two of them insist on being cuddled all the time :-)

The adventures are rather taking a toll of me. No longer a spring chicken.

Well, the good-bad news is that the spring tide season is ending soon.