Jul 3, 2007

Sentosa reclamation begins

It was a moonlit night but the light near the cable car tower on Sentosa was a bit too bright for that. We soon found out why.
Reclamation has started on the shore with the big corals. At sunrise, things are a lot clearer.
All the vegetation at the seawall have been removed.And big concrete blocks have been placed under the cable tower near where the big corals used to be. We couldn't get close to the location to have a look at the situation there.Those blocks are humungous.
Right in the path of this block-building activity were lots of hard corals.Some corals large.
Some rarely seen, like the little green coral on the bottom left corner.
Including what looks like a Merulina coral.
A very large mushroom coral, about 30cm long.
Gold-spotted mudskippers skittered around my feet.
Along the way back, I saw the some of the corals are still there.
And the colonies of large Anchor coral colonies were also still there.
An appropriately gloomy sky over the activities.As we said goodbye to the little 'Nemos' still in their giant sea anemone, oblivious to their fate. One was so tiny it only had one big white stripe! Poor thing, I wonder if it will have a chance to grow up.
Links to more info and photos about this shore on the wildsingapore website


JC said...

That was fast?! I though they are suppose to seek the appropriate authority and expert advise b4 commencing? Very sad day....

Ivan said...


Sigh... I think it'll be the ultimate insult if an aquarium is built right over that same spot.

zeslene said...

oh dear.
why destroy so little of what we don't already have >:(

Ria Tan said...

Indeed, it is rather sad. Such a nice reef that's so accessible too.

I have been given to understand that there will be press coverage on recent developments eventually.

chimck said...

heart pains as i read this post. :(

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

It's hardly surprising considering this government is made up people who won't serve unless they are paid millions. It's the only way they know how to measure value.

As usual, no proper EIA was done to consider the alternatives to reclamation, including not having the resort, having it on a smaller scale, and having it elsewhere. And there's certainly no public participation - only the views of the people with money matter because they are able and willing to pay to get their way.