Mar 3, 2008

4 Mar (Tue): Seafood to be featured on Once Upon a Tree

Here's what the producers have shared with me about the upcoming episode...

We interviewed Tan Yit Wee from AVA about sustainable seafood in Singapore i.e., aquaculture.

Then onto Kelvin Chong, a posrts fisherman that has represented Singapore in various international fishing competitions.

Suelyn then explores the beaches of Changi.

The last act features talking fishes, we look at the plight of our water-resistant friends from their own point-of-view, overfishing, by-catch, finning of sharks.

Also, we recommend alternative sources of diet ie. tofu as a protein eplacement to reduce the strain of our seafood consumption.

Finally, Shawn closes the episode with how tides sustain us.

Time: 9.30pm Arts Central

Alas, the much awaited traditional review of the episode by Jun on her ashira blog is unavailable this week.

No worries Jun, now we really appreciate the effort you took to do the earlier reviews!

If anyone has any comments to share about the episode, just drop it by her blog or on this entry. Or let us know if you've done a review! Thank you!

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