Mar 30, 2008

Chek Jawa boardwalk with Outward Bound Singapore: Part 2

Was off bright and early to Pulau Ubin with the Naked Hermit Crabs to introduce Chek Jawa to another group of enthusiastic Outward Bound Singapore trainers.Again, showing what a lively group photo should look like!
Wow, they're really ON, writing even on the bumboat there.We stopped first for the obligatory Sunday-Only Lontong at Pak Ali's shop, and then headed straight out to Chek Jawa.

I was really lucky Marcus and Chay Hoon were with us today to help introduce the Boardwalk. The two of them captivated the group with their stories.And everyone took copious notes!We came across a figging fig tree (no, not being rude..the fig tree was figging and thus attracting lots of birds!)It was hot, but we did everything thoroughly. And even saw lots of shorebirds including Whimbrels and the Great Billed Heron.After we ended the walk, they shared their thoughts in the Naked Hermit Crab guestbook.More about what they shared in the Naked Guestbook on the adventures with the naked hermit crabs blog.

Then we were off back to Ubin Town for lunch.

As we passed Ubin Green House, all of them decided to have a look at the House run by the Green Volunteers Network. Grace was there to give everyone a personal tour.We saw the amazing use of recycled products.

The solar tube used to bring daylight into the room.Cards that newly weds can place at their banquet to explain why they are not serving sharks' fins.Paintings done by elephants!Cool stuff made from elephant poo-poo! (Elephants can be viewed as natural producers of paper mache)And among the many awards, a star (made of plastic, not a real one) given to the Singapore Environment Council for support for Chek Jawa.After a quick lunch, it was time to run the end-of-the-month public walk on the Chek Jawa boardwalk with the Naked Hermit Crabs.I had a great group with me, Johan and family from Belgium and Alex Chai and family.Although the tide was high, we had great fun exploring the shores!
Lots of photos of what we saw on the walk, and what they visitors shared in the Naked Hermit Crab guestbook on the adventures with the naked hermit crabs blog.

Wow, that was a really packed day, and weekend! But it was great to share Chek Jawa with so many people.

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