Mar 11, 2008

"Once Upon a Tree" episode 4 tonight

From the arts central website, here's the write up on episode 4.

The Bigger Picture

The Following is a Note From the Writer:

For episode IV, I was given a few things to work off: Conservation, Photography, Creative powers of Nature, Evolution, and Natural Migration. I recongise the words, but what could they mean? How does the local community run with the global crowd? Does it matter? What? Can I swim? Certainly! In the shallow end, and only if someone is watching over me.

Kok Sheng has done a wonderful review of the episode on his wonderful creations blog!

This week's episode features Mangrove Maestro Sivasothi!

Who better to introduce the shores and our mangroves! Here's more about Siva in an old writeup on wildsingapore.

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