Mar 18, 2008

"Once Upon a Tree" episode 5 tonight

From the arts central website, here's the write up on episode .

Lost Connections

The Following is a Note from the Editor: I never knew Singapore waters to be so picturesque! It is as if someone polishes the surface of our waters everyday! You must see it to believe it. Of course I wanted to use every shot, but when you've made a career out of editing, as I have, you know that is not possible. Eventually, I pieced together the Battle of Labrador, something on Sea Grasses, Calendars, and Sports, based upon the theme Lost Connections. Cohost? Suelyn? Yummy. Definitely.

A little (water) bird said that this episode will be on seagrasses! And that must surely mean that our very own Siti will be featured!

And probably also something about TeamSeagrass?

And wow, another blistering fastly uploaded and marvellously indepth review of this episode is on the ashira blog! With lots of photos of old memories of Labrador. Thanks once again, Jun!

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