Mar 29, 2008

Wild Animals of Singapore book launch

I rushed over after the Chek Jawa trip to catch the launch of this much awaited book by Nick Baker and Kelvin Lim.And what a fabulous book it is!

The book features our native vertebrates (of which I'm greatly ignorant, being more focused in spineless marine creatures). There's an introduction to the habitats, as well as background on extinctions and alien species. There's also tips on how to observe wildlife, with special mention about snakes, lots of information about our nature places and gardens with a map.

And of course, gorgeous photos of our vertebrates and lots of details about them! The book includes freshwater fishes, amphibians, reptiles and mammals.

There's awesome information such as tadpoles of our native frogs.and amazing action photos of our wildlife!Some beloved animals of ours.And some little known and intriguing ones.There's also a very useful checklist of native and introduced vertebrates.

WOW! I salute the team who toiled for four years to put together this gold mine of information. The book will no doubt be treasured by nature enthusiasts, as well as inspire others to learn more about and appreciate our native wildlife.

Alas I missed the talks, but managed to catch up with lots of old friends. I forgot to take photos until almost everyone had left, but managed to catch Nick Baker (left) and Celine (right).

Congratulations everyone!

This wonderful book can be purchased from the Nature Society (Singapore) as well as Nature's Niche at S$29.95.

Here's a write up of the book on the Nature's Niche website:

"Four years in the making this brand new stunning book is completed. It is the most comprehensive account of Singapore's wild animals ever produced in one volume. Compiled by a dedicated and experienced group of wildlife experts within the Nature Society of Singapore, it describes and illustrates 38 mammals, 50 snakes and 37 other reptiles, 25 frogs and toads, and 30 freshwater fishes. The brilliant habitat photographs are all taken on location. Additional chapters show how and where to find wildlife, complete checklists are included listing all species ever recorded from the country."

More details of the book:
Wild Animals of Singapore
A Photographic Guide to Mammals, Reptiles, Amphibians and Freshwater Fishes
Nick Baker & Kelvin Lim
2008, Paperback, 180 pages, 12 x 19 cm
ISBN 9810594596

At the event, I was also given the latest issue of Nature Watch: it features our shores! (as well as the lovely Teresa Teo Guttensohn on the cover).

More about this issue on the Singapore Celebrates our Reefs blog.

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