Jul 3, 2008

Oil rig work site opposite Semakau's natural shores

from PORT MARINE NOTICE NO. 129 of 2008 dated 2 Jul 2008

With effect from 6 Jul 08 to 21 Aug 08 at West Jurong Anchorage, 24 hours daily including Sundays and Public Holidays
Off-loading and loading of drilling equipment and maintenance works will be carried out onboard the rig. The work barges will be used for the transportation of the equipment to the shore facility.

Safety boats will be in attendance during the entire stay of the rig at the anchorage.

Further general enquiries relating to the project can be directed to Mr Jimmy Nicol, the project manager, at Tel No: 91188208.

wildfilms note: This area is just opposite the natural shores of Pulau Semakau where public intertidal walks are conducted and where the coral nursery is located. In addition, there was an earlier notice of construction of a fish farm in this area.
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Update: here's a view of the oil rig taken on 7 Jul 08 during our trip to Pulau Hantu.

The oil rig taken from Pulau Hantu.
Taken on the way home with indications of the locations of Pulau Semakau, Raffles Lighthouse (RLH) and Pulau Senang. Raffles Lighthouse and the Live Firing Islands of Sudong, Pawai and Senang have some of the last untouched reefs in Singapore. While Pulau Semakau has good natural shores. Let's hope this massive activity does not impact these nearby reefs.
A closer look at the oil rig.
Here's a photo of the oil rig taken on Pulau Semakau on 3 Aug 08

The work period was extended to September in a follow up notice. More on the wild shores of singapore blog.

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