Jul 2, 2008

Reel Revolution: The Environment

Reel Revolution is The Substation Moving Images youth film mentorship programme that pairs teams of youths with established filmmakers and challenges youths to produce video essays on social issues.

Mentors this year include Jasmine Ng (of "Eating Air" fame), Eng Yee Peng ("Diminishing Memories"), Jeremy Sing ("A Wake") and Eric Lim ("Remember Chek Jawa")

The theme this year is "Our Environment", to be interpreted as widely as possible. I.e. It can mean the natural environment, the political environment, the journalistic environment, workers' environment, the history of the surroundings etc.

The programme will also feature talks by prominent members of civil society which is ideal for networking and the sharing of ideas and resources amongst the various groups. N. Sivasothi and Ria Tan will be presenting on environmental issues during the "Learning Talks sessions"

12th July – Learning Talks 1: Meet the Changemakers
(The Substation, 7.30 - 10.30pm)
The speakers for this session are Mr. Brown from mrbrown.com, Alex Au from yawningbread.org, Ria Tan from wildsingapore wildsingapore.com and Gerald Giam from The Online Citizen.
To attend, please register by 11th July.

19th July – Learning Talk 2: Meet the Changemakers
(Singapore Art Museum, 7.30 – 10.30pm)
The speakers for this session are NMP Siew Kum Hong, Daniel Tung from Action For Aids, N. Sivasothi from the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity and John Gee from Transient Workers Count Too.
To attend, please register by 18th July.

What the programme hopes to achieve

1. Encourage youths to articulate and discuss concerns creatively
2. Spur insightful, intentional and innovative filmmaking
3. Hone the skills of young talents through mentorship, practical and theoretical work
4. Develop youths as leaders, effective communicators and facilitators
5. Raise awareness of the environment amongst youth living in Singapore
6. Showcase youth talents and contributions

Who should participate?

1. Young people from ages 15 to 35 currently living in Singapore
2. Young people with a burning passion for social issues
3. Up to 4 members per team

Important dates
4th July – Reel Revolution Introductory Seminar
7th July – Mentorship Programme Application Deadline
12th July – Learning Talks 1
19th July – Learning Talks 2
15th August – Video Submission
30th August – Reel Revolution Powwow

For more information visit revolution.youth.sg
or contact Beng Kheng, Programme Manager – Moving Images
6337 7535 / bengkheng@substation.org

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