Jul 13, 2008

Sharing Cyrene at Reel Revolution

Today I had a great time sharing about Cyrene Reef with a fabulous gathering at Reel Revolution.

Reel Revolution is The Substation Moving Images youth film mentorship programme that pairs teams of youths with established filmmakers and challenges youths to produce video essays on social issues.

It was also a real treat to meet finally meet Beng Kheng, the stalwart man behind the entire amazing programme. And of course the other speakers: Gerald Giam from The Online Citizen, Alex Au from yawningbread.org and the famous Mr. Brown from mrbrown.com

Gerald shared insightful thoughts about "Navigating Singapore's new media environment" and the power of alternative media, i.e., blogs and such.

Alex shared a delightful series of stories about "Same sex marriage and the different kinds of relationships". I wish I could tell thought-provoking stories like he does.

Mr Brown did a great introduction to life as a bicycle commuter sharing on ""A view from the saddle: Seeing, smelling and hearing my country anew". Alas, when he was giving his talk my camera was marooned at the other end of the room so I didn't take photos of his fabulous folding bicycle which was with him.
The audience was really fantastic. Thanks everyone for the sporting group photo!

They asked good questions covering issues like trampling, and what can one person REALLY do to make a difference QUICKLY. Alas, I don't think there is a quick or easy solution to issues that are complex and involve so many stakeholders. We just have to slowly work things out as we go along, in the meanwhile finding out everything we can about our shores and working with the many people who care about our shores.

Quite a few were interested in joining us for our next Cyrene trip! This is fabulous! I hope some of them will be moved to film Cyrene.

Best of all, I was given this wonderful personalised name tag with a smiley on it. It was a wonderful evening, getting out to meet different people and learning new things.

N. Sivasothi will share about our natural heritage at the next Learning Talk session with Reel Revolution on 19 Jul (Sat) at the Singapore Art Museum, 7.30 – 10.30pm. The session is free and open to the public. So do drop by for some inspiring discussion and insights into different aspects of Singapore.

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