Apr 27, 2008

Chek Jawa and hornbill babies with Outward Bound

Bright and early, was off to Pulau Ubin again.Unfortunately, the dredger is still at Changi Creek...sigh.First things first, the Sunday-only and Ubin-only Lontong at Pak Ali's stall next to Ubin Jetty overlooking the Ubin Info Kiosk.And how nice today, to see Pak Ali and Macik at the stall. Both looked very fine! Macik hadn't been well for a while.

Soon, the OBS team and July arrived, we ate some more and then headed off to Chek Jawa. It was great to have July with us to share about the mangroves.And the nipah palms and mudlobster.And seagrasses and lots lots more.We came across Cynthia and her team, studying Littorinids (i.e., periwinkle snails) on Chek Jawa.As well as a family having a picnic on the shore...Here's a closer look at them...Alas, I noticed quite a bit of fresh litter along the boardwalk at the mangroves.This didn't wash up with the sea tide, but probably brought in by the tide of visitors.It was a scorching day, but most enjoyable sharing with yet another enthusiastic and fun bunch of OBS folks.They certainly set the standards for lively group photos!

They also shared some wonderful entries to the Naked Hermit Crab guestbook! More on the adventures with the naked hermit crabs blog.

On the way home, we stopped by at the Volunteer Hub where Uncle Mark shared what was seen on the camera at the hornbill nest box put up for a study of these wonderful birds.Wow, this is way cool. There were clips of the very dedicated dad feeding the mum who was sealed into the box with her babies. He fed her bananas and papaya as well as protein like insects and lizards and even other birds and their eggs.

Then we headed out to have a look at the nest box.And he shared more about how the study is being conducted.The artificial nest box is working very well and there are now 12 chicks some of which have already successfully left the nest. Bravo!

More about the Ubin Hornbill project on Ubin Tides

As the OBS team stopped by at Ubin Green House run by the Green Volunteers Network, we bid them farewell.
We headed for a quick lunch and to meet up with the rest of the Naked Hermit Crabs who valiantly went on to the 3pm public walk at the boardwalk. I was lame and headed home. It's been a long and exciting week of low tides. Tired but looking forward to the next series.

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