Apr 8, 2008

Pulau Hantu: “Ecological study of the impact of effluents on divers”

Both Debby of the hantu bloggers and I received an email from an environmental consultancy called ERM asking about data on diver visitorship at and use of Pulau Hantu.

Debby has posted the full details on the hantu blog.

She ends off by emphasising that "there is nothing more effective and powerful than the efforts of a collective people - you. If you are concerned about Hantu, make your concerns known. Email the hantu bloggers or contact one of the following organisations, expressing your concerns and asking for details of the study to be released.

I received exactly the same email from Anna of ERM.

I called Anna to ask her what the info was for.

She said it was for an “ecological study of the impact of effluents on divers” that ERM had been engaged to do.

When I asked, she would not say anything more about the project. I asked about ERM and she said it is an environmental consultancy (the biggest in Singapore she said).

I asked and she would not say what the effluents were or who engaged them to do the study or why there was a study at this time.

Anna said she only needed to confirm whether 200 divers go to Hantu every week.

I’m glad Debby has engaged ERM.

And it’s good to suggest that those who care about Pulau Hantu ask for more information about this study (and the cause of the study) from the authorities.

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eve+line said...

"Impact of effluent on divers!" Let's hope the company that engaged ERM is not thinking of, ahem, assessing their environment impact in terms of how many divers they affect.

Joseph Lai Tuck Kwong said...

Ha ha... there you go... transparency is just cheap talk. Good young people out there, take good counsel here: never never sign your name on the dotted line of a piece of paper that fetters you to silence... even if it means losing a job. Have faith finding other possibilities. Don't sell your soul to the devil.