Apr 29, 2008

Nature Photography at Sungei Buloh by Jeremy Ang

I spent a delightful afternoon at Jeremy Ang's talk on nature photography.Jeremy is a fabulous photographer and so far I've only seen glimpses of his wonderful work.

He covered lots of issues including what's there to shoot at Sungei Buloh (LOTS, and not just birds). As well as how to be a good nature photographer. Not just to take good photos, but also to take good care of our nature places.
We then gawked at wondrous images of long-legged beauties. (These grabbed shots by a dinky camera like a bad video pirate operator don't do justice to Jeremy's wonderful work. So please ignore poor quality of these blogged photos.)

Jeremy emphasised the role of bird photography in better understanding our birds. For example, he encouraged photographers to share with Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve any photographs of birds with flags or rings.Such photographic records will allow a better understanding of the birds at the Reserve. So don't just take a pretty photo but understand the subject and share the photos!

Besides beautiful photos of shorebirds in action, and raptors in flight and all kinds of other birds, Jeremy also shared photos of SEX! Monitor lizards as well as this menage d'trois of Atlas moths.There were also photos of snakes eating all kinds of things including Jeremy's subject, a frog!

Not forgetting our favourite marine creatures such as the Amazing Mud Lobster!There's a story behind this (and the other photos) that you'll just have to ask Jeremy to tell you himself.

My second favourite photo is this bashful little colourful fiddler crab!Of course my all time favourite were his photos of Smooth Otters at the Reserve!He enthralled with stories of otter sightings as recent as last Friday! And antics of the otters including the odd habit of rolling about in sand after a swim, including rubbing their faces in the sand. (Some of us ladies in the audience think it might be some kind of otter exfoliation treatment.)Also stories of how they hunt and interact in a family and more.

Wow! Aren't our shores and mangroves simply amazing!

Thank you Jeremy for a wonderful afternoon of photos, stories and thoughts about nature.

And we all hope we see MORE of your photos online SOON! (hint hint)

More otter photos by Jeremy on the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve website.

Here's Jeremy checking out Shufen's photos after the talk.

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