Jun 28, 2008

EnviroFest 2008: Day 1

Today, almost all the wild people were at EnviroFest 2008!

The Naked Hermit Crabs had a booth featuring our living shores, and highlighting Cyrene Reef. Here's Sam sharing more about our shores with the young ones.The Hantu Bloggers were there also highlighting our fabulous reefs, especially Pulau Hantu.The Raffles Museum Toddycats were out in force with lots of attention drawing specimens to highlight our marvellous biodiversity. The baby dugong was of particular fascination.
The Toddycats also highlighted the terrible situation with marine litter.NParks also had a fabulous booth with posters of our wildlife, a table for kids' drawing and puzzle making, as well as lots of interesting specimens of our forests such as rattan, chengteng fruit.As well as roadkills of some really pretty snakes, which Sam is taking a closer look at.Nature Society (Singapore) also had a booth with a huge pile of nature materials for sale.The Nature Trekkers had a really nice booth with a TV and big shiny banners sharing about our wonderful wildlife.
Acres also had a booth highlighting the plight of wildlife as a result of our consumer choices. The exhibit about the cruelties of bear bile is heartbreaking.SPCA was also there (but I forgot to take a photo of their lovely booth).

The event was a great chance to meet up with everyone. And here is the very HOT Siva showing us the greener way to get around, on a bike!The event also highlighted "Simple Way I Take to Change my Habits" or SWITCH.Highlighting some issues and ways each of us can make a difference.There were also panels about climate change, its causes and what it means for us.Uniquely Singapore, the explanations were in Four Official Languages!The event was graced by Minister Yaacob Ibrahim, who stopped by the various booths. At the Naked Hermit Crab booth, we of course told him about Cyrene and invited him to visit with us. He gamely accepted!

The event was organised by Boon Wah and her able team.from the Kolam Ayer Youth Group CC. Boon Wah was a winner of the "I Want to go to Cyrene" blogging contest and came with us to Cyrene recently. She did a lovely poster of the trip and displayed it at EnvironFest 2008!Bravo Boon Wah! For creating this wonderful opportunity to showcase our wild nature and living shores, and for doing so much too for Cyrene Reef!

EnviroFest is still on tomorrow, so come by and learn lots of wild stuff! More details about the event.

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