Jun 29, 2008

EnviroFest 2008: Day 2

EnvironFest continues to bring in the crowds on the second day!

At the Naked Hermit Crabs booth, Andy shares about the shores with a family interested in visiting. (We are overwhelmed by the huge interest in visiting)I grab a chance to visit some of the booths I missed yesterday. The friendly ladies at the Cat Welfare Society are doing incredible work for our community cats. My three cats came via their good work (including Tootsie the polydactyl cat), so I really appreciate what they are doing. Bravo!
And the equally hard-working folks at the Water Ways Watch Society who toil tirelessly to share the message on keeping our waterways clean.Here's one of their snazzy hard-hitting messages.The Raffles Museum Toddycats continue to get tons of 'business', with lots of attention on their specimens.Especially the pickled baby dugong, apparently the poor thing was inside its mummy when the Mama dugong was killed by a boat propeller. Tragic.Our marine heritage is also one of the Toddycats' key messages.Over at the NParks booth everyone was cheerful and enthusiastic despite the heat of the afternoon.Their kids' activity corner remained very popular.Alas, at the booth was displayed the remains of the cute baby colugo that was rescued in 2006 but which didn't survive the brutal attack on its mother by a thoughtless poacher.This is what it looked like when it was still alive and being cared for by NParks officers. Read more about the baby colugo on the For the Future of our Forest blog by the Central Nature Reserve volunteers.It's sad that our wildlife is not appreciated and are mindlessly killed.

Indeed, this was the message of the talk by Karen Teo of NParks this afternoon. That we have special Singaporeans that we don't know about. And that we should do our part to protect them.Lots of people came specially to listen to this afternoon's talks.And there was even one person who insisted on interrupting the talk to have another look at the Banded leaf monkey.And what a real treat it was to have Chay Hoon next up, sharing about our shores above and underwater, on behalf of the Hantu Bloggers.She shared not only photos but also video clips and had lots of interesting stories and facts to share with us.The kids were particularly fascinated by all the colourful photos!

The talk went smoothly, even though this grandpa walked right infront of the screen!It was a real special two days chock-a-block with happenings and opportunities to share and learn. And to meet everyone working for the environment. We are such busy people that it's almost impossible to get everyone together except for such rare moments.

All thanks to Boon Wah and team for organising this event! And here's Boon Wah presenting Chay Hoon with a lovely token of appreciation.It's really inspiring to see all the different groups working together for common purpose!

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