Jun 22, 2008

A quick view of the Sentosa Integrated Resort worksite

Despite the torrential rain and lightning, I joined the Naked Hermit Crabs for a quick walk on the natural shores of Sentosa when the weather eased for a while.The delighted visitors enthusiastically explored the shores despite the weather and we found lots of fascinating example of marine life such as large soft corals, several kinds of hard corals and of course seagrasses and other common animals such as sponges, crabs and even two special nudibranchs.As we washed up at the Underwater World Sentosa, I had a quick look around at the natural shores just around the corner from where we were having the nature walk.
Reclamation has started there on 18 Jun, and the area surrounding the shore has become a worksite.Trees are also being cleared there.

The entire Sentosa Integrated Resort site is a giant pit full of excavation and other activity. We had a quick look as we were leaving the island.The merlion and sky tower are on the horizon for scale of the humungous hole in the ground.Here's more of the worksite.And another view with the monorail in the horizon.On the shore front, the old pier has been replaced with a sea wall right up to the base of the cable car tower. Reclamation is now underway on the other side of the cable car tower, on top of probably the last sandy natural shore of Sentosa.

These works are near not only Sentosa's natural shore, but also Labrador's which lie just opposite Sentosa.

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