Jun 2, 2008

Master Plan 2008: comments in the media

From articles in the media on 2 Jun

YouthInk writers share their thoughts on the URA Master Plan unveiled recently
Straits Times 2 Jun 08;
full article on the wildsingapore news blog

Go natural

LEISURE parks here need not necessarily have to be man-made.

We can embrace what we already have, Singapore's surrounding islands - Kusu, St John's, Sisters and Pulau Ubin.

Getting away from the concrete jungle is one of the most refreshing things one can do.

These islands are full of history and serenity. Singaporeans get the chance to enjoy the boat ride, clean air and, of course, fresh seafood.

The authorities should keep Singaporeans abreast of current developments on some of these islands.

In addition, they could enhance existing attractions on the islands by including hiking and walking trails, or offering ranger services.

These add value to time away from the city and also encourage a healthy lifestyle and an appreciation for Singapore's history.

Heighten the awareness of these islands to provide Singaporeans with more options to relax and enjoy life away from the fast lane.

Tabitha Mok, 21, is a fourth-year medical student at the University of Western Australia

Is the URA's Leisure Plan a good idea?

Is the Urban Redevelopment Authority's Leisure Plan a good idea? What do you like most about it and what would you change or add
Business Times 2 Jun 08;
full article on the wildsingapore news blog
Tan Tiong Cheng
Managing Director
Knight Frank

URA has cleverly crafted the Leisure Plan by turning our weaknesses into strengths. We are a small island limited by physical size. Yet when fully developed, we will have a 150km route for joggers and cyclists, 4,200ha of parks connected by a web of 300km tracks, and 24/7 urban entertainment and lifestyle hotspots.

We are a city - yet the countryside of farms and marshes is at the door-step. I am impressed that every square centimetre of land is fully utilised.

Perhaps the only area left out of the Leisure Plan is the Southern Islands of Kusu, Lazarus, Seringat, Sisters and St John.

The Leisure Plan will meet the needs of citizens, residents and visitors. It is a strategic piece of the jigsaw puzzle to make Singapore a unique place to live, work and play. The vision and objectives are bold and I look forward to its implementation.

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