May 31, 2008

Master Plan 2008: Labrador

Labrador is one of the four designated Nature Reserves in Singapore.
But exactly what is the outline of Labrador Nature Reserve? In particular...

Is Labrador shore part of the Labrador Nature Reserve?

From the URA website, under the Parks and Waterbodies Plan, only the terrestrial forested part of Labrador is a delineated as a Nature Reserve:This was also reflected on the panels at the exhibition.But on another panel at the exhibition, the Nature Reserve encompassed all of Labrador, but doesn't include the shore.This panel also showed plans to develop Bukit Chermin, which is next to Labrador and at the mouth of Berlayar Creek.On yet another panel, Labrador shore is featured as one of the 4 Nature Reserves and 18 Nature Areas 'safeguarded'.With a photo of Labrador Beach to illustrate this.Ironically, the photo has the cofferdam in the background. More about the cofferdam and the impact it had on this last natural rocky shore and reef on mainland Singapore.

Although all the maps at the exhibit did not show the impending works on the extension of Pasir Panjang Container Terminal, the big table top model clearly showed the size of this extension.The model clearly shows the scale and size of this development. And its possible impact on the surrounding shores at Labrador, Sentosa and Cyrene Reefs.

Here's some of the latest on-going works for and related to the Pasir Panjang Terminal extension.
Rock filling near Cyrene with holding area off Labrador Nature Reserve, works to happen from 28 May 08 to 15 July 08.

Sand mining and sand dumping next to Labrador and near Cyrene Reef and Sentosa, works to happen from 16 May 08 to 15 Nov 08.

There are already signs of coral bleaching at Sentosa.

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