May 31, 2008

Master Plan 2008: Pulau Ubin, Chek Jawa and our northern shores

Is Chek Jawa safe from reclamation?

The panel at the exhibition on Nature features Chek Jawa.As part of the effort to 'protect key areas of ecological signficance' and an example of 'some nature areas that have been selectively and sensitively integrated within parks so that it is easier to commune with nature'. Perhaps significantly, what is featured is just the more terrestrial Chek Jawa boardwalk and Visitor Centre.From the URA website, the bulk of Pulau Ubin is designated as Nature Area (NA). Although this designation does not extend to the Chek Jawa intertidal zone.What is additionally unsettling is that the outline in the Master Plan for Ubin at Chek Jawa extends to the low water mark...suspiciously like a reclaimed land boundary. The google map below shows the terrestrial and intertidal areas at Chek Jawa.
In fact, the outlines for Pulau Tekong on the URA website (and exhibition panels) ... .. match the reclaimed area on Pulau Tekong as can be seen from the google map.
In 1990, in the book "The Next Lap" this was the plan for Pulau Ubin, Chek Jawa and Pulau Tekong.
Back to today's Master Plan 2008, a closer look shows a Nature Area designated on Pulau Tekong.As for the land use plan, the olive green colour onPulau Ubin and Pulau Tekong indicates "open space", the light blue "water body"and beige "reserve site". The beige portions of Pulau Tekong includes the currently reclaimed areas.
With a designated conservation area (marked with a dotted line with "C" in the centre) located at House No. 1, the Visitor Centre of Chek Jawa.
Pulau Ubin is NOT included as part of the grand plan for Leisure in Singapore.Although existing leisure features on Pulau Ubin are indicated, including a 'sea star' for Chek Jawa, located on the intertidal.Changi is a part of the leisure plan. There doesn't appear to be any new shore development plans for Changi. Although other leisure activities are planned for the area.Further along the northern coastline, there are plans to open up Coney Island.and to develop facilities on the Punggol shore.And even further up, there are plans to develop the Sembawang shoreline.As well as the Woodlands coast next to Admiralty Park.

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Unknown said...

this line from the poster makes me uncomfortable--Some of the areas have been Sensitively and Selectively Integrated within parks such that is its easier to commune with ntaure-- this doesn't seem to extend out to the inter-tidal zone...