May 15, 2008

Sharing about our shores with MUIS

Today I gave the Secret Shores talk to a delightful group at MUIS.The talk was made possible by the patience of Fa'izah Ahmad, who put up with my grumpiness during low spring and my impossible schedule.

We shared about Cyrene Reef as well as our many marvellous shores, and some of the threats to them. There were many interesting questions including a discussion of the value of relocation of corals, and how to raise awareness about our shores on a wider level.

The room was crowded with 40 people! I couldn't take a photo of all of them with my tiny camera.The President graced the occasion, as well as the ladies of course. Who very sportingly gave a wave for the photo.

I was really touched that they invited me to join them for lunch too!What a warm and welcoming group! I hope we meet again on some shore of ours.

To have this or other shores talks at your office or community group, visit the singapore celebrates our reefs blog for more details.

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Joe Lai said...

Well done, Ria! : )

You know, I have in mind a project that I would like to do with a fabulous muslim scholar. He really impresses me with his knowledge of the many beautiful quotes from the Koran about the beauty of Nature. I hope to work out a photo-essay with him, together with you and all the bestest nature photographers in our midst! He could use our nature photos for talks about Nature... from the Muslim point of view! Wonderful, isn't it? : )

Joe Lai