May 25, 2008

Ubin's other shores

Whilst everyone else headed for the Chek Jawa public walk this morning, Ivan, Andy and I decided to check out some other shores on Ubin.This tiny patch of seagrass meadows was thick with the large Spoon seagrasses (Halophila ovalis) that we generally see only on Chek Jawa and Changi.The small area was studded with many large Carpet anemones (Stichodactyla sp.)In the sandier patch, there was an anemone which we have yet to identify.There were also swimming anemones, and a few peacock anemones completely withdrawn into their tubes.

I saw a mantis shrimp before it disappeared into the murky water, and there were several large Geographic sea hares (Syphonota geographica) and lots of their pink strings of egg masses.We chanced upon this tiny spider crab (Family Majidae) decorated with bits of seaweeds and encrusted with stuff.

There were also colourful blobs among the seagrasses.These are probably ascidians, which are tiny animals that live together in a colony.Each little hole indicates the tiny animal.

The narrow rocky seawall shore was also decorated with colorful blobs.I'm not really sure whether these are sponges or ascidians.They sure come in a wide range of colours!

These, however, are definitely sponges. They are also commonly seen on our other Northern shores.There was even a tiny patch of hard coral starting to grow on a big stone.The stones were crawling with very VERY large Onchidium slugs. As well as commonly encountered snails such as nerites and turban snails.

Ivan found a Rock star as well as a Cake sea star!

Alas, there were only a few dead or dying sea fans.

Just next to this small seagrass meadow is what appears to be a dumping area.An enormous about of trash spills out from this area onto the shore. We'll no doubt hear more about the situation there when Andy blogs about it.

We also explored the area under the Ubin Jetty and I spent a lot of time with the fiddler crabs there.

Ubin was very cheerful today with flags out for the Vesak Day celebrations. The flags and lanterns stretched all along the jetty and into Ubin Town!Here's more about the celebrations on the Pulau Ubin Tour with Justin blog

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