May 15, 2008

New Nature Walkway at Labrador, Berlayar Creek

Just announced today, plans to build "a garden trail at the Alexandra Arch where more shrubs will be planted, and cycling paths and more footpaths built.

The path will wend towards the Berlayer Creek mangrove swamps, which are now inaccessible. Besides a boardwalk, plaques about the plants and animal life will also be put up.

The boardwalk will take the trekker by the sea and link Labrador Park to the future promenade fronting the Reflections at Keppel Bay condominium."Another description: "After crossing Telok Blangah Road, a visitor would reach the 960-metre Berlayer Creek Mangrove Trail, which will feature an entrance plaza with an information gallery about the mangroves, as well as a rest area. The proposed trail will have lookout points with storyboards about the flora and fauna.At the end of the Creek would be the 330-metre Bukit Chermin Harbour View Walk, which will have an elevated walkway providing scenic waterfront views of Keppel Harbour and Sentosa, in an area that was once exclusive to members of the Keppel Club."

There is also a promise that "construction work, scheduled to start next year, would be carried out carefully to ensure that the ecosystem would not be affected".

and "The trail will run parallel to a previously inaccessible mangrove habitat, with several boardwalks puncturing the mangrove at strategic points to both allow visitors a glimpse into its rich biodiversity and minimise any impact on the local ecosystem".

Additional information includes: "The nature and coastal walk is scheduled to be completed in tandem with the opening of the Labrador Park MRT station along the Circle Line".

Full articles on wildsingapore news.

What's at Berlayar Creek?

Unfortunately, the last time few times we visited, it was to remove an enormous amount of drift nets.

On the first trip, a small team struggled with the mess.On the second trip, a bigger team hauled even more out.Meanwhile, leisure fishing goes on at this shore, while huge fishtraps are laid just off the shore.

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