May 3, 2008

"Secret Shores" for the Biodiversity Talk Series

What a fabulous audience turned up today for the "Secret Shores of Singapore" talk.
It was great to meet so many new friends, some who came from the "I want to go Cyrene" facebook group, others who saw posters of the talk in the Gardens and many old friends too. Thank you all for coming! And for so sportingly posing for a happy group photo.

We shared about Cyrene and about the recent Star of Cyrene. As well as many of our favourite little-known shores. Chee Kong and Joseph Lai shared about dolphin sightings too.

And there were many interesting questions, including one about how dangerous it is to visit the shores. I was glad to report that no one has died at our shore visits, although there have been stonefish and stingray incidents in the past. The important thing is to be careful and be respectful of our marine life.

There were also students who were planning to do a study of the natural shores at Sentosa! How wonderful.

My thanks to NParks Conservation Division: Wei Ling for letting me be a part of this, Robin and Jean for helping me set up and taking care of everything during the talk.

The "Secret Shores of Singapore" talk is part of the four-week Biodiversity Talk Series organised by NParks Conservation Division to celebrate Earth Day and World Biodiversity Day.

Don't miss the upcoming talks in this series especially Siti Maryam's talk "Seagrasses: Not just for dugongs" on 6 May (Tue) 11am at the Botany Centre, Singapore Botanic Gardens.

The Secret Shores is also one of the talks offered as part of the International Year of the Reef celebrations in Singapore.

More about the talk by Ivan on the lazy lizard tales blog.

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