May 5, 2008

New Fish Farm off Pulau Semakau: MPA Notice

from PORT MARINE NOTICE NO. 95 OF 2008 05 May 2008

With effect from 26 May 08 to 25 Jul 08, off Pulau Semakau.

Tug boat and crane barge will be used to transport materials to the work site. The installation works for the fish farm will be carried out by the crane barge. Tug boat will be used for shifting the crane barge from one point to another. Anchors will be deployed within the working area and their location marked by anchor buoys.

Further enquiries relating to the project can be directed to Mr Erik Vis, the site project manager, at Tel: 9655 3586 or email:

(wildfilms note: here's a photo of the fish farm taken on 3 Aug 08)


juanicths said...
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chin said...

is there any harms to the ecosystem in pulau semakau after the fish farm is being set up?will it eventually damage the coral reefs?

budak said...

I think you have to consider firstly the impact of the physical installation of the farm infrastructure (along with possible discharges from human or farm-related activities into the sea). Has the location of the farm been ascertained to have minimal impact on the nearby habitats? There is also the issue of pollution from the waste and uneaten feed dispersed into the surrounding sea by a high and dense population of captive fish.

Barramundi i believe is a species that occurs locally, but would the stock at the farm be from local sources or genetically-distant cousins from other regions? The risk and impact of fish escaping and also of pathogens crossing between the farmed fish and wild animals also needs to be considered. Add to that the oft overlooked issue that carnivorous species like barramundi don't help much in the overfishing crisis as wild 'trash' fish or other protein sources still have to be caught to provide feed.

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